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Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure For PSP

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure For PSP

Advantages: Adorable outfits

Disadvantages: many load screens

Art style is one thing that makes the game so captivating. Consider the characters with small and large organizations and prominent eyes that they want their outrageous expression. Now add some color clear, strangely proportioned structure and looks delectable sweets. Finally, throw in a mad dash for personality traits - a pattern that merry dance for the reconstruction of morality or another that the cultural characteristics of the sombrero, cap or hat is down - and you begin to understand the charm of sympathy TM.

You play as Parin, a girl who befriends the inhabitants of the village monster. When the village was ransacked and the samples were kidnapped, that your job is, in the jail in prison after saving them all. In a game so focused on presentation, but it would not be surprising if the lack of gameplay very splendor. However, although the pixels charming and funny characters are winning points and sympathy TM, is on solid gameplay.

Levels are diverse - your way through forests, ruins, caves, and more - and has a lot of moves to resume the fighting varied. For the largest part, this is a typical action RPG food: hidden treasure chests, secret areas, platforms, the boss is fighting puzzle, and several mini-games, but there are several levels who thinks that they are really fun and unique. One possible problem is that the game is May seem too easy in the beginning, but it has up to five ways difficulties, and the last couple - who must be unlocked - are pretty crazy.

One of the perks of this game is the diversity of Hats and outfits you can get. Parin cute monkey in a suit (complete with monkey ears!), Or a schoolgirl outfit, or Goth Vampire disguise ... those who enjoy the dress-up, worth beating the game on any difficulty only to unlock them all. Up-drift can go into sugar shock, but if you enjoy light-hearted action RPGs, you'll probably love with sympathy .

Summary: great to play

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Gunpey For PSP

Gunpey For PSP

Advantages: addicting

Disadvantages: Not enough variety

At first it seems like game consists of little more than a rush to swap pieces to the highest stranded tiles in an attempt to disappear before they reach the top of the screen and at the end of the game, but you'll quickly discover that the art of the progress and the proceeds on an almost subconscious level. It appears that you've got, the more you play better, even if not actively looking for patterns and strategic initiatives to unlock the true pleasures in Gunpey. After you commit to the experience, but you'll find the corn itself around primitive, obsessive core of your brain and will not let go. Only ... a ... more ... line. Sure, buddy. You can stop whenever you want.

What that Gunpey is a new puzzle true classic, despite all the Lumines as a decoration Discounts to unlock the skin, and music ranging line-effects that breaking the basic experience does not lend itself to much diversity. There are "original" and "pause" policy that determine whether the tiles fall over the lines have been destroyed or not, but that's only substantive change on tap. In fact, the only real gameplay difference between the skin and the other is the rate at which the rising tide and tiles.

No time fringed come in 60 tests, 90, 180 and other flavors. The default mode challenge to unlock the skin as you progress, which can then be used in standard mode with a double skin and skin way that challenges you face with two slabs, tiles at once. There is also enormous sign that your 10x10 inch garret left a heck of a job. The problem is, there is nothing here that is different in the convoluted strategies, you'll discover, even when playing a friend of the Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi connection.

Disappointment because of the lack of progress invention side, Gunpey is intellectually fun and interesting exercise for the brain and the equal sign. If you're sick of falling blocks, or just need a new challenge to turn around the gray matter, let him try.

Summary: worth to buy

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Gun: Showdown For PSP

Gun: Showdown For PSP

Advantages: Incredible story

Disadvantages: no omline gameplay

story and style are worth about as much as a horse with three legs if they do not have the game to support them. Fortunately Showdown Hits usually my goal in this department. Buoyed by the death of treatment arsenal of revolvers, rifles and shotguns, the gun slinging Showdown is satisfyingly fast and furious. Add to this the ability to throw knives, bombs and dynamite whiskey, and you will discover that deliver enough blood-spilling bang for your buck. "Quick Draw" mode - Gun's "bullet time" as a mechanic - also makes the jump to the PSP, providing on-the-go gunfighters same compelling battles as the console version.

If you do not fill out the enemies full of water, can seat up for some of the best - and most realistic - riding on a hand-held or console. In fact Showdown actually console-up his cousin here, giving several players a horse to call their own country. The original cannon missed the whole man and his horse loyalty thing and forcrd gamers to connect different mounts, such as pimped in the Pontiac Grand Theft Auto game.

The original weapons convicted for their short length, and Showdown Is there a nifty job of the flood package with additional content that is not just tacked on recruitment. Six, PSP-friendly "Quick Play" games offer a variety of shooting and hunting challenges of the perfect pick-up and play sessions. And these three ad hoc multiplayer modes - Deathmatch, Golden Cross and Poker - Plug-ins are welcome, although no infrastructure / online compatible.

As a port, stumbles Showdown in some areas - in a single-sticked PSP offers the usual headache control and graphics take a small hit. The additional content, excellent primary campaign and action-driven gameplay more than make up. Whether you're saddled with previous versions of Gun, or this is your first band to the six-shooters, this title is not to be missed, because it places under-represented genre as well as other games.

Summary: great to play

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Ghost Rider For PSP

Ghost Rider For PSP

Advantages: Challenge Mode

Disadvantages: boring

The PSP version is a completely new race divisions in relation to the PS2 version, called Challenge Mode. As you select a character (Johnny Blaze, Classic or film Ghost Rider, or even Marvel vampire-hunter Blade). Marvel traces of the pillars, such as the daily bugle and a basement prison are available. So the death race with a bike on a bicycle and random melee combat weapon pick-up in the style of Mario Kart.

These range from the obvious (a flaming shooty things) that it was brilliant - "confusion", for example, that POPs screen and force you in the race upside down. Compared with the rest of the game this is a good time, especially due Challenge mode is playable with four people over Wi-Fi. Just as a straight-up racing is also eliminator - Last place for ditched her lap - and Survivor timed expansion of checkpoints - that different things.

PSP is a strange version of Ghost Rider actually little more than his colleagues PS2. The story is the way all present and correct, and even in some way improved. Complex end-of-level ratings is gone, replaced by the challenging targets for the time required, souls gathered and other tests (given a certain number of kills wrestling, and off zloduhe to its work, etc.). It also seems easier to win and maintain their skills during the Battle of the normal level of play, so it is protected against enemy is less frustrating.

Fortunately, there is some respite from fighting during a bike-riding levels. Again, there is no groundbreaking, nothing happens here, but the mix of combat troops - shooting and hand to hand - a simple and obstacles - jump, slide under - just fun. Of course that is nowhere near enough to stop the Ghost Rider is a fully licensed forget table-game experience. Along with the high reputation thanks to the release of the film, that the money game just to play and personable on the basic level. But that's it gives us. Disappointing.

Summary: not too bad

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Full Auto 2: Battlelines For PSP

Full Auto 2: Battlelines For PSP

Advantages: Weapon pick-ups

Disadvantages: Arena boss battles

Cars like to send a Radio Flyer - how not to turn your central pivot axle vehicles. A (alleged) quickly turn up the wrong prescription: instead of whether rocketing ahead and open the can of whup ass, it gives you veolcity slight uptick tons, adding that the "butt looks like a" sauce.

This is not so much a problem as you might think, because there is no real race in every aspect of the case. You can come to a complete stop and age of your opponents will wait for you. more about the destruction. In light of that, limiting most of the game on closed paths (in contrast to the open Arenas) seemed a strange choice, while we have experienced combat arena - and realized that it does not work well with all the names put on brakes and radar limitations.

Battle Lines fast the game is very little substance during a frenzied massacre assembly, a screaming guitar under a bed. Explosion? Sure. But a harsh assessment of the telephone pole and storefront fruits are the result of the same nonsense of a polygonal shrapnel. Physics and thrown into the wind, and the head will lead to the collision sent the car. In combination with a loose steering mechanic, it will not take long for the random destruction of the yawn inducing. A potential to lay waste to the objects in the environment is lost, because it translates into more of an obstacle to any of the opponent. Now, because what comprises the majority of their goals, more than what it looks like a real race.

Full Auto 2: Battle Lines is about as subtle as a commercial wave, as well as unpleasant (for comparison, because all cars seem to be named for a drink failed energy). The best thing for this extremely violent pound the pavement epically bad fat from the superfluous story, about revolutionaries who participate in Velocity Death battles (VDBs, biatch!) During confuse forecast predicts a machine hell-bent on controlling the human race. This makes Twisted Metal look like Shakespeare canon.

Summary: not too bad

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Family Guy For PSP

Family Guy For PSP

Advantages: Funny cameos

Disadvantages: Lots of recycled comedy

As a result of these various instruments, Family Guy is actually three games in one. Peter kicks erratically through everything in sight, Brian sneak past the screen after screen of the police, and Stewie lasers and mind-control of his way to victory.

Unfortunately, only the last of these is a pleasant and non-sequitur mini-games hardly qualify as such. Peter May be fun to watch as he switches pickup, soul brother, a standard costume, but it was not fun. The attack animations, such as a typical stupid attempt to jump-kicking, are satisfyingly funny, but this kind of inconsiderate fighting not only cut more senfa.

In the meantime, Brian stealth missions are infinitely more maddening, requiring rote refrain from any area. Venture past obstacles, moving, start from scratch. Faster than later, start again. It has a nice Gags sprinkled on the road, and Brian Thursday in several disguises, but so far has quietly in the shade to sneak out of the shadows, but that it again and again outweighs the pleasure.

Leave it to Stewie save the day. Peter could only punch, kick and jump, and Brian can only move around with a hood over his head, but can double Stewie jumping, floating suspended from helium balloons temperature, struggling for out-of-the-way places, control of the human spirit, and rebound expandable Blaster fire. While the other two characters left with a tired-Note gameplay, Stewie makes the world court. Moreover, its segments are simply the funniest, from rocket-born of a woman in a hospital room great gameplay homages to classic arcade centipede and Galaga.

For what is worth the look and feel of quahog bizarre and its inhabitants was captured by simplistic, but attractive graphics, and offers all the show's cast votes. The only difference between the PSP version of the console and aggravating its proclivity for intermittent problems with audio and hobbled frame rate.

Along with such a drastic difference in features and entertainment value between Stewie and the rest of his family, one wonders why not just his game. In its current form, you'll have to play through quite annoying nonsense, simply go to the good stuff and that is simply not worth it. Even the most hardcore Family Guy fans feel betrayed by something more than a weekend rental.

Summary: not too bad

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire For Game Cube

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire For Game Cube

Advantages: Appealing visual presentation

Disadvantages: Boring gameplay

As I am a fan of the movie ... its not make me shock to find that game Sincerely bound to the book and film. By the way players control Harry, Hermione and Ron. All three are usually in a moment on the screen, but there are no pieces of a swap between characters. Non-player characters are usually competently by the computer, which excited and the attack could be aimed at providing help spell casting. During the tournament in AI support, as well as Harry must face this situation alone.

I think the spell casting is purely context-sensitive. Press the button for six, the other for charm, and the game will decide who to select games. This reduces a routine action adventure game, where you simply browse one room to another, pressing the same button over and over to defeat monsters that never intimidating. There are some simple puzzles to win. And EA is clearly designed to play only offer a fundamental challenge for the widest possible audience.

In my opinion Goblet of Fire looks great, thanks to the environments that faithfully replicate the movie. And the character models look great, they are simply the best in the series. But this is a little relevance, if anything interesting to do. A frequent sound clips and urged dialogue to bear thin, long before the tournament and starts. If EA can get hot Rawling and trust the public to respond to the challenge and there can be a wonderful adventure game for Harry Potter to see, but it certainly is not the case.

Summary: ven this is another average game, for filmfans still worth to buy

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